A Suicide Note

Tuesday , 15, April 2014 2 Comments

Once and a while, when all is quiet, I throw myself a pity-party and cry myself to sleep.

As I lay there, I think about the past way too much and play

the “what if” game.

Am I sad because I lost my independence or

that I now have to rely on people?

Do I get more irritated with those who have a hard time

understanding me or that I sound different when I speak?

Some call me an inspiration.

That’s funny, I don’t feel like one.

Sometimes, I wish I would have died on that table.

Life would have been easier.

Life is a struggle.

Life can suck,

but I am glad I survived. And through that struggle,

I will find my inspiration.

Time for some Pharrell, so I could clap along.

There’s always tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “ : A Suicide Note”
  • This is a beautiful poem, Cuz. God loves you so much, and I feel honored to have been able to read this. Funny, Kat was showing me Pharrell just last night. He’s great. Keeping you in prayer. God bless.