That Little Black Dress

Thursday , 21, May 2015 Comments Off on That Little Black Dress

It was love at first sight.  There you were, just hangin’ out.

Black, velvety, and all strung out.  You were much too mature for

me for I was only eleven.


I pretended to like the others.

There was a silky, white blouse with a bow that acted like a tie.

A pleated, wool skirt that would catch anyone’s eye.

Flashy, white go-go boots and a rainbow-colored mini skirt.

And an old, useless wedding dress that turned the color of vanilla

because of its age.


A couple of summers, I would sneak into my mother’s closet

and act like different characters when I tried on her clothes.

But, you never fit right. I felt all  “gangly” in it. Way too big,

too long, too large in the chest area (if you know what I mean), too



Several years later my mom called me because she was cleaning out

her closet, “Do you want this old, black dress? I was going to

throw it out, but I remembered you always tried it on when you

were a little girl.”

I hung up on her and rushed right over there. I am actually excited.

I carefully put the dress on and it fit me like a glove!

I still have it and I hope to give the dress to my daughter one day.