Monday , 13, June 2016 Comments Off on REUNITED

To Lynn Hofer


On June 11th, my friends & I celebrated turning 50-ok except two (next year😮). We were at this rad(are the kids still saying “rad?”)hotel in HB & ate at this beautiful Mexican restaurant.

This is what we discussed:

Old pictures really make us laugh A LOT!!

Andrea & her crazy outfits. Prom: who did you go with? Who smoked in Bonomo’s bathroom? Not me. Mazatlan Memories. Why didn’t we fly to Acapulco? Sorry Patty. A 20/20 story waiting to happen. Who did Anna make out with? Who took the train? Who took the plane? Medea-where did that $$ go?

Anna is that you? PEEING!?! Is that a Penis cake? Oooh gross! Lynn was married? Yes, we did get a room for our 5yr reunion. 10yr-fight 20yr-a lot of fake boobs. 30yr-did we have one? Erin, Tahiti is better.

Why is Kyle in my house? Our parents- meh. Our kids-meh. Nan’s sex talks with other people’s kids. I swear mom it works. The rhythm method DOES NOT work-I repeat DOES NOT work! Someone’s 8yr old son wants to go to college…Online! Our generation’s lay-offs. Menopause is a GOOD thing. Dyed hair turns frizzy because it’s gray, people!

Thanks for the memories ladies!! ❤Elena