Saturday , 15, April 2017 Comments Off on Quinn

Dedicated to Rupert Friend


I don’t do much anymore. I can’t work. Everything I do takes forever.

I exercise. I eat. I play games on my phone and watch a lot of television.

A while back, I started watching Homeland. Like everyone else, I became addicted.

Mostly because it was suspenseful, thrilling, relatable and there was that whole

Carrie & Quinn thing.

From season one through five, Peter Quinn played a bad-ass black ops spy. When I say bad-ass

I mean it. He’s fearless! As a result of what happens to him in season five, in season six, he now

has a stroke and suffers from aphasia ( a speech problem).

As I started watching season six, I thought…wow, that’s me.  The sheer frustration, the sadness, the longing.

You want your body to work, but it doesn’t. The acceptance is very hard. I’m going on 10+ years and every once in awhile, I still whine, “why me?” I think I never will accept what happened to me.

Thank you Rupert Friend for portraying Peter Quinn  as someone learning to accept his limitations with such


honesty. I have never seen that on tv before. Kudos!

You will always be bad ass to me.