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Saturday , 15, April 2017 Comments Off on Quinn

Dedicated to Rupert Friend   I don’t do much anymore. I can’t work. Everything I do takes forever. I exercise. I eat. I play games on my phone and watch a lot of television. A while back, I started watching Homeland.¬†Like everyone else, I became addicted. Mostly because it was suspenseful, thrilling, relatable and there […]

My Truth

Friday , 16, September 2016 Comments Off on My Truth

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Some call that labored breathing. I call it, I’m going to go soon. As I hold my mom’s feeble hand, I scan her room and this is what I notice~my aunt, on her cell phone, checking up on her kids and significant other. She’s from New Jersey, ya know. […]


Monday , 13, June 2016 Comments Off on REUNITED

To Lynn Hofer   On June 11th, my friends & I celebrated turning 50-ok except two (next yearūüėģ). We were at this rad(are the kids still saying “rad?”)hotel in HB & ate at this beautiful Mexican restaurant. This is what we discussed: Old pictures really make us laugh A LOT!! Andrea & her crazy outfits. […]

Rise Up

Friday , 4, September 2015 Comments Off on Rise Up

written & sung by Andra Day You’re broken down and tired of livin’ life on a merry-go-round and you can’t find a fighter, but I see it in you. So, we can walk it out. Mountains. We can walk¬†it out. Mountains.   And I’ll rise up; I’ll rise like the day. I’ll rise up. I’ll […]


Friday , 3, July 2015 Comments Off on Inspiration??

Some people call me an inspiration because I made it through four brain surgeries; What they really mean to say is “better you than me.” Not in a bad way. They think they can’t deal…but you can if you had no choice. Let’s be honest. I am not that woman that crosses the finish line […]

When I Sleep

Thursday , 25, June 2015 Comments Off on When I Sleep

When I sleep… I dream I’m aimlessly driving down PCH in a convertible with the wind blowing in my face. I dream I’m preparing a meal with a knife in my hand¬†cutting up an onion with tears welling up¬†my eyes. I dream I’m taking a shower standing up waiting for “water” police to come by. […]

That Little Black Dress

Thursday , 21, May 2015 Comments Off on That Little Black Dress

It was love at first sight. ¬†There you were, just hangin’ out. Black, velvety, and all strung out.¬† You were much too mature for me for I was only eleven.   I pretended to like the others. There was a silky, white blouse with a bow that acted like a tie. A pleated, wool skirt […]

When I was very young, before I started school, my father used to tell me I have my grandmother’s eyes. I didn’t see it. I didn’t get it. When I was seven, my parents got a divorce. I wasn’t devastated. I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t shocked – more relieved. Before he left, he told me […]

The Choice

Thursday , 6, November 2014 Comments Off on The Choice

I knew to stay away from you from the get go.   Who cares about: your charming personality your crystal blues the perfect body and how do you smile with your eyes? Been down that road before Who knew we would become friends? an ear a shoulder each other’s confidant That’s when it started to […]

The Soldier

Tuesday , 7, October 2014 Comments Off on The Soldier

We get to breathe fresh air, the beach, and pretty flowers. They breathe dirt, sand, smoke,¬†and sometimes death. We drive fancy cars, electric cars, or economy cars. They drive tanks. We get to hide alone in a crowd, if we choose to. They battle on the front lines for our freedom. We lose our temper […]